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My Tae Kwon Do girl ?…

IMG_2500After a year of watching her brother at Tae Kwon Do, Jorja has decided to give it a go.  She has been keen to try it a couple of times, but each time we go up to ask about it, she gets all shy and says, “no” she doesn’t want to do it.  This time she went up to Grand Master Kim and asked him herself if she could start, so, she is very serious about it this time.  Grand Master Kim said that there were a few girls starting, so that’s good to hear – hopefully that will keep her motivated, although we are going to miss the July belt testing, so she might not be with all the girls in the end, but I’m sure she’ll still have fun!!  Grand Master Kim also said that Jorja had a “movie star face” – funny!!  She already thinks she’s cute, we don’t need people to be giving her a bigger head!!

As soon as we’d picked up her uniform she had to try it on!!  I gave it a wash last night and this morning Jorja asked where her uniform was and if she could wear it today!!  We were not going to start her until we got back from Costa Rica, but there is a class this afternoon and I think I’ll take her along to that as she is so excited!!


practicing her blocking form that Xavier has been teaching her..


practicing her kicks…

Gingerbread cookies

IMG_2477 IMG_2478

So, it’s the start of school holidays now.  We are going to keep busy.  We have this week at home, next week in Costa Rica, then three weeks at summer camps.  Xavier is doing a Tae Kwon Do camp from 9am – 2pm monday to thursday, on friday’s it’s an excursion day.  Jorja is going to the summer camp at school.  I think they will both enjoy themselves.

After that we are off to Australia for a month, then we get back have a couple of days to get over jet lag and the kids go to a 2 week swimming class, where they will have a lesson each day.  We really need to get Jorja swimming and Xavier can start learning some strokes… Then it will be back to school, so I think we’ve got the school holidays covered!!

This week, we’ve been taking it pretty easy, we’ve still had Tae Kwon Do and music lessons, but we’ve been playing lots of games, like Rat-a-tat-cat, tenzi, uno and hide and seek!!  We’ve done a little bit of shopping and we’ve been getting our bags packed for Costa Rica.

We also baked gingerbread cookies and the kids decorated them!!  They had so much fun measuring all the ingredients, rolling out the dough, cutting the cookies and then making them very colorful!!


Intense concentration here…


Spreading the icing with his finger. He is the only one eating these cookies!!


…and Jorja copying Xavier and using her fingers to spread the icing!!


Yep, I think he’s had too much sugar already..

My Little Drummer boy

IMG_2416Both the kids are doing music classes.  Jorja is doing a class where she is learning about different notes, keeping rhythms, learning about different music such as jazz, rock, country etc and is loving it.

Xavier is in a class with four children and they get to have a go at the “modern” instruments such as drums, bass guitar, keyboard and voice.  During the semester they get to have a go at all the instruments, pick a song, then select an instrument, practice the song and perform at a concert.  It was great fun and Xavier has been enjoying it!!  The band did so well, yes I am a little biased, Xavier didn’t really hit the drums or cymbal loudly so it was really hard to hear him, the main singer got stage fright and didn’t utter a word and the other singer was playing the piano and concentrating so hard on the notes, that we could barley hear her, but it was fabulous none the less…  I know we parents were all so proud of our kids no matter what – they all got on the stage and that was a great feat for a group of 6 and 7 years old!!  Maybe next year, they will be a little more confident and will just go for it!!


Men’s thank you cards

IMG_2403I am entering this card in the case this sketch #27 challenge.  This was the sketch inspiration…cts27

I’ve been doing the his and hers online card classes and trying to do Men’s thank you cards.  I have really enjoyed the class and seeing the different ideas – how you can change things up on a sketch such as the paper, the colors, the font on the sentiment etc to make it more of a man’s card and that kraft is a great color for a man’s card.

I recently purchased some Tim Holtz stamps as some of the designs are a bit more manly.  The grungy diamond stamp comes from his set called “french market”.  The stamp is botchy and spotty and just a bit messy, so I thought it would be great for a guys card.  The diamonds are in three rows, so the first time I stamped it in “pool” shadow ink, the second time, I moved down a row, lined the stamps up and stamped in “green hills”, then moved down another row and stamped in “butter bar”.  That way I got the graduated dark to light effect in my stamping.  I kept the colors to more typical mens colors and I liked the effect.

Here are a couple of other men’s thank you cards. I have used the sketch by Kristina Werner in the class for the inspiration.  I have used the same stamp, just blue and green colours.  I also found some grey card stock and stamped the woodgrain effect with versa fine smokey grey ink.  I have really been having a lot of fun making men’s cards… IMG_2405



Xavier goes green…

IMG_2392Last week Xavier passed his orange belt testing, this week we had his ceremony.

It was pretty amazing – the students going for their black belts had to break 4 boards in 20 seconds, two by kicking and two with their hand/elbow.  They all passed!!  There were 5 older black belters who had to break 6 boards in 20 seconds with hands and kicking – they all passed as well and have all become junior instructors!!

I enjoyed the ceremony.  The children have to take their old belts off, then they hand the new belt to their parents and the parents put their new belts on.  Last time I put on his new belt, so this time Pete got to…

Some of the children lined up for the belt ceremony.

Some of the children lined up for the belt ceremony.

Pete waiting to put on Xavier's new belt.

Pete waiting for Xavier to hand him   his green belt.


Pete putting on Xavier's new belt.

Pete putting on Xavier’s new belt.

I am so proud of how dedicated he is to his Tae Kwon Do and I love how he is really enjoying it!!  I hope he continues to love it as it is really good for him – both physically and mentally…


Mothers and Fathers Day cards

IMG_2379So, we are on day 4 of the His and Hers online class.  I haven’t done anything for yesterday’s class as I was so busy, but I did manage to watch all the videos.  So inspiring!!

Anyway, I loved the card by Jennifer McGuire where she only cut out half the die cut, then filled the “hole” with paper.

I chose this beautiful flower die  from Die-namics for my mother’s day card and filled it with a little pink, grey and green patterned paper.  I accented the card with pink and white liquid pearls.  These are really lovely and I think I’ll have to invest in a few more colours…





For the Father’s Day card I picked these spellbinder dies as they reminded me of cogs.  I started off with plain white paper, but just didn’t think it was enough, so I just stamped the paper with a woodgrain stamp by Tim Holtz with wet cement shadow ink.  I used stickles glitter on the card too (imagine that), but it wasn’t too girly as it was the “tiara” colour which has lots of dark flecks in it and looks rather metallic with all that grey and black on the card!!IMG_2382



The inside and outside of the card are sentiments which I generated by computer as my happy fathers day stamp was too small for this card.

So, I will also enter these in the CASOLOGY – care challenge to show how much I care for my Mum and Dad!!

Hope you enjoy.