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Background class

Hi to all the classmates from my background class.  I thought I’d put a few more backgrounds on my website here and you can check them out.

Firstly, a water background.  I used copic markers BG10, BG0000, B0000, then I used a bit of E41, for the extra white splotches and then a darker blue, but I can’t remember what number.  I put some glossy accents on the bubbles and on the goggles.Image 3

I thought I’d have a bit of fun with my little boy and put some bushes in the background, so he was outside drawing on the pavement…Image

I had to try the stencil background.  I don’t really have much in the way of stencils, so I gave this little moroccan stencil a try and I liked how it turned out.  My daughter also wanted to try it out, so I have put her picture up as well.

This is the one I did.

This is the one I did.

This is the one my daughter did.  She just turned 6!!

This is the one my daughter did. She just turned 6!!

Image 2Fun and Whimsical background.  I had to do a little christmas tree behind “santa’s helper” here… This was fun to do!!Image 5

My little reindeer – I put glossy accents on the lights to give them a bit of shine.  I also put some lighter, pink, blue and green on the outside of the lights, to give it a glow.  I probably should have done yellow instead of blue as that would show up a bit better – next time!!

And these were a couple of the other backgrounds I posted to the class comments section..

IMG_4613 Image 1 Image


I haven’t made any of these into cards yet.  I’ll get there one day. At the moment I am just experimenting with the backgrounds!!