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Park and Shop game using the MISTI


When I was growing up, we played a game called Park and Shop (one that my mum used to play as well)… When we were back in Australia visiting with my Mum and Dad in March, I had to show my kids how to play the game.  My daughter loved it.  Unfortunately, you can’t really buy it these days (you may find it on ebay for over $100), so I decided to make one for us to play!!  The game requires you to drive your car from a home base, to a “Park and Shop”.  From there you walk on foot doing all your errands.  I raided my kids toys and found these tiny plastic cars and star wars people that we can use for our cars and people. They fit perfectly :)

When you start the game you are dealt 5-10 shopping cards – these tell you what shops you need to visit during the game.  When you park your car, you pick up a “Parking ticket” which gives you an errand to do in your car on the way home.  If you are in your car and land on a blue square you have to pick up a motorist ticket.  If you are walking and land on a blue square you pick up a pedestrian  ticket.  So, I created all my tickets in an excel worksheet and printed them out on colored card stock. I then thought they needed the headings on the cards, like “parking ticket”, “Shopping List” etc and I really didn’t want to write them out, so I decided to use my MISTI tool.  Gotta love it.  ps3

I lined up the letters on my card and used a scrap piece of card to straighten the letters out.  If I touched them with my fingers, they’d stick to my fingers, or come out of alignment, so using the card made it much easier.  Then, I stamped out the cards…  So quick and easy…  Here is my letter set all lined up for the “Motorist Tickets” and being stamped with my MISTI.ps1TA. DA.  Here is a finished card…ps2

And, here are all the cards. Stamped out and ready to go…

ps5Gotta love it when you find a use for your tools other than just card making :)

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