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Xavier goes green…

IMG_2392Last week Xavier passed his orange belt testing, this week we had his ceremony.

It was pretty amazing – the students going for their black belts had to break 4 boards in 20 seconds, two by kicking and two with their hand/elbow.  They all passed!!  There were 5 older black belters who had to break 6 boards in 20 seconds with hands and kicking – they all passed as well and have all become junior instructors!!

I enjoyed the ceremony.  The children have to take their old belts off, then they hand the new belt to their parents and the parents put their new belts on.  Last time I put on his new belt, so this time Pete got to…

Some of the children lined up for the belt ceremony.

Some of the children lined up for the belt ceremony.

Pete waiting to put on Xavier's new belt.

Pete waiting for Xavier to hand him   his green belt.


Pete putting on Xavier's new belt.

Pete putting on Xavier’s new belt.

I am so proud of how dedicated he is to his Tae Kwon Do and I love how he is really enjoying it!!  I hope he continues to love it as it is really good for him – both physically and mentally…