What have I been up too?

Hi everyone.  I’m finally getting back into my blog.  I have not been posting for a while as we  moved house again in November (I do hope this is the last move for a long time).  It been a very big and busy last year with two moves, I’ve started working part time and we’ve got a puppy dog, named Charlie.  I have not been neglecting to craft, just neglecting to post here on my blog.  I’ve been posting on instagram.  You can find me under “my_place_to_create” – I’d love it if you would like to follow me.  I’ve also been posting a lot to facebook groups and practising my colouring.

I thought I’d just pop in a few of my recent 5 by 7 projects that I’ve been doing.  I love the work of “Art by Barb Designs” and was thrilled when she asked if she could use some of my work for her shop and if I could colour some images for her… here is the work I’ve done.IMG_7162 IMG_7156 IMG_7235 IMG_7198

I do the monthly colouring classes over at Kit and Clowder and we learn some fabulous techniques for colouring backgrounds, people, objects etc..  I just LOVE these classes and can’t recommend them enough!!  If you want to improve your colouring, give these classes a try.  Anyway, here are some of the projects from these classes.IMG_6934 IMG_6929 IMG_6977 IMG_7716 IMG_7122 IMG_7730 IMG_7713 IMG_7700

Now, here are some other works I’ve done recently as well…IMG_7747 IMG_7155 IMG_7149IMG_7774So, as you can see, I’ve been busy crafting away and now that  things have settled down – we’ve unpacked and settled into our new home, the kids are back at school, I’m getting into my work routine, so I’ll try and post a little more often…

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2 thoughts on “What have I been up too?

  1. Art by Barb

    This is a lovely post…it’s so nice to see all your coloured piece together! I find your colouring very charming and was pleased when you accepted to colour up my line art. Thank you so much :)


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